Kenneth Demsky PhD

Counselling and Psychotherapy in London, UK

Dr. Kenneth Demsky is an American psychologist who settled in London in September 2004. Born and Raised in New York City, Kenneth Demsky maintained a private practice in Boston, Massachusetts for 12 years prior to his relocation. He brings 36 years of clinical experience and a great deal of compassion to the psychotherapeutic encounter.

Dr. Kenneth Demsky PhD

A graduate of Harvard, he has a doctorate from the University of Texas and is a former postdoctoral fellow of the University of Minnesota Medical School. He meets with adult and older adolescent men and women individually, in couples or in families. The full details of his training and clinical experience can be seen in the Curriculum Vitae section of this site.

Clients are seen in a private and comfortable setting in Hampstead in Northwest London.  The office is easily reached by all means of transportation.

Office hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, beginning at 11am. You are welcome to call me anytime on 020 7435 6116 and leave a message with your name and telephone number (stated slowly and clearly) if your call is not answered personally.

In America, psychologists are trained as generalists  by means of a rigorous and prolonged programme that combines academic coursework and supervised clinical experience. The goal is to equip them to assist many different kinds of people with a wide range of concerns. However, during his many years of practice, Dr Kenneth Demsky has developed numerous areas of expertise which are outlined on this website.

To ask  for information or to arrange an appointment,
please call Kenneth Demsky, PhD
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